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The Giver Photostory: Script


Your script should be written like a scene from The Giver.

Sample Video


Use the outline to organize your script.

I.   Introduction

   A.   Jonas & the Giver interact in some way.

   B.   What will the Giver say to Jonas to prepare him?

   C.   How are they feeling?

II.   Jonas enters the memory

   A.   Describe surroundings--sensory detail

   B.   Where is he?

   C.   When is it?

   D   How is he feeling?

III.   Describe historical event

   A.   Use sensory details

   B.   Give sequence of events

   C.   Include research.

IV.   Conclusion

   A.   Jonas leaves the event

   B.   Jonas and the Giver reflect on what he saw.

   C.   Include why it is important to remember the event.

Subject Guide