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ABMS Library: Makerspace / 3D Printing


Check out our Makerspace website to see all the cool resources and supplies
available to teachers and students.


If you are interested in donating new or gently used materials to our Makerspace,
please consult the list below and send those items to school
with your student for delivery to the Library.

Thank you for considering a donation!


            Beads (variety of types/sizes)                                   Paint brushes (variety)
            Cardboard boxes (recycled, not new)                       Paper bowls or plastic cups (for paint)
            Clothes pins (variety of sizes)                                   Paper plates (white, varietyh of sizes)
            Cottonballs                                                                Paper towel tubes
            Craft foam                                                                 Pipecleaners (variety of colors)
            Decorative wrapping paper                                       Plastic spoons
            Duct tape (silver or color/patterned)                         Rubber bands (variety)
            Empty tissue boxes                                                  Sandpaper (variety of grits)
            Flat clear marbles                                                     Scissors (straight or decorative)
            Glue (Elmers)                                                           Small paper bags (lunch-sized)
            Glue dots                                                                  Straws (straight, bendy, colored, white)
            LEGOs (new or used)                                              String, wire, thread, yarn
            Magnets                                                                   Tempra paint
            Marbles (regular, variety)                                         Toothpicks
            Markers (new, wide-tipped)                                      Washers (all sizes)
            Modge Podge                                                           Wipes (for clean up)
            Nails (variety of sizes)


Teachers: Contact the library to check out a Taker Tub to use in your classroom.

Build Tub #1
Keva Structures
Lego Education Set
K'Nex Imagine
Magnetic tiles
Box Books and Rivets
150-piece Gears set

Build Tub #2
K'Nex Electric Inferno
K'Nex Education (simple machines)
Classic LEGOs
LEGO Education

Circuits Tub
Circuit Maze
Electronic Snap Circuits
Snap Circuits Lite
Little Bits

Animation Tub
Stikbot Zanimation Studio

Programming Tub
Raspberri Pi
Robot kit
Squishy Circuits
Vex Robot

3D Printing

3D Printing Request Form


                  Tutorials                                                            Online platforms for 3D modeling

                  Tutorial:  How to use Tinkercad                        Tinkercad

                  Tutorial: Turn in a print job                                Thingiverse


Designing Checklist

1.  Save as a logical name.

2.  Be sure the design is flat on the plane.

3.  You can copy and paste shapes.


Detailed How-To

Follow the graphic below to get started designing and printing your 3D model.  
When you are ready, click the link to the left to complete and submit the printing request form.