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Read, Write, Create!

Unit Calendar




Daily Tasks

Mon, April 20

Introduce project. Watch and evaluate samples.

Tues, April 21

Evaluate plot charts. 

Wed, April 22

Introduce story maps.

Thurs, April 23

Finish story maps.


Fri, April 24  

Search and cite pictures and music.

Mon., April 27

Pictures & music, Animoto.

Every student MUST have all pictures selected on Tuesday.

Tues, April 28

Introduce Animoto.  

Wed. April 29

Complete Animoto.

Thurs, April 30    Peer edit and revise.  Create QR codes
Fri, May 1 Watch and analyze trailers in classroom.

Learning Targets

  • I can define a theme the author is revealing. (RL)
  • I can analyze plot to determine a theme. (RL)
  • I can determine key events over the course of the text that contribute to the theme. (RL)
  • I can explain how the elements of a story interact and affect one another. (RL)
  • I can analyze and apply my knowledge of how an author develops the points of view of characters and narrators by revealing thoughts, feelings, actions, and spoken words. (RL)
  • I can present my information in a way that includes an introduction, supporting details, transitions, and provides a concluding statement that supports the information presented. (W)
  • I can identify the writing style that best fits my task, purpose, and audience. (W)
  • I can identify technology that will help me compose, edit, and publish my writing. (W)
  • I can choose different sentence structures to signal differing relationships among ideas (L.7.1)
  • I can choose words, phrases, and clauses that express my ideas precisely and concisely.  (L.7.3)

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