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Living on a Budget FACS: Health Insurance and Cost Calculator

Health Insurance

Health Insurance:

Employees who have single coverage contributed an average of about $1,100 for the year toward their health insurance premiums in 2015. To find monthly payments, divide by 12.

This is what you pay in addition to the above if you have to go to hospital, have surgery, break a leg, etc.

Employees who pay out-of-pocket costs typically pay a deductible, a co-payment and co-insurance amount. Deductible amounts per employee range from $400 and $460, depending on whether a preferred provider organization or health maintenance organization was used. When a co-payment was applied, the costs averaged nearly $320 in 2015.

Prescriptions: With insurance, $20.00 average of generic per prescription

Without insurance, $100.00 average per presecription 

If your career doesn't provide benefits, you will pay $2,352 for the year toward your health insurance. To find monthly payments, divide by 12.

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