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Fractions: Home

Learning Targets

  1. I will be able to apply & extend previous understandings of multiplication & division to divide fractions by fractions.
  2. I wlll construct a storyboard using Google slides explaining how to solve my fraction problem using Mathematical terms.
  3. I will record my presentation to teach my class.


  1. Using Google Slides, create a script for your presentation.
  2. Explain how to solve your fraction problem using mathematical langauge.
  3. Record your presentation using the Dell Webcam.
  4. Present your presentation to your class.

Web Cam Directions

Dell Webcam Use


  1. Use the Windows key  to open the start menu and search for “Dell Webcam Central”.
  2. Open the program and make sure that the webcam is on; a white light should be on at the top of the monitor.  If there is no video, check to see if the lens cover is on. There is a slide toggle on the top edge of the monitor.
  3. Make sure the Record Videos  option is selected.
  4. Record video using the video camera button underneath the image. When finished recording press the stop button.  
  5. Once you have finished recording it will automaticaly save in “videos.”


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Linda Schveninger
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