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Solar System: Home

Learning Targets

Learning Targets

 I can locate information in books, websites and databases relevant to the assignment.

 I can take notes using my own words. I understand what plagiarism is and why it's important to use my own words.

 I can describe the planet, star, or other topic of interest I chose to research and how it completes the solar system.

 I can create a ThingLink to present my research on my chosen topic.

World Book Student

Encyclopedia Britannica

How Long Is A Day?

Mercury    175.940 days
Venus       116.75 days
Earth         24 hr 0 min 0 sec
Moon        29.53 days
Mars         24 hr 39 min 35 sec
Jupiter      9 hr 55 min 33 sec
Saturn      10 hr 32 min 36 sec
Uranus     17 hr 14 min 23 sec
Neptune   16 hr 6.6 min
Pluto         6 days 9 hr 17 min

Video Links

Research Project

  1.  I will identify the planet, star, comets, solar eclipses,milky way,asteroid, black hole, or other teacher approved topic that I chose to research.
  2.  I will identify what I already know about my topic of interest.
  3.  I will identify what I want to know about my topic.
  4.  I will Identify characteristics unique to my topic of interest. 
  5.  I will write 4 paragraphs on my chosen topic to include in my ThingLink. I will use complete sentences.


ThingLink Rubric

Gale Research in Context



Planet X

How Stars Work


Thinglink Guide


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What are the orbital lengths and distances of objects in our solar system?


  NorthwesternUniversity -- Orbit of Planets -- chart

Scroll down to the chart.

It includes distance from the sun, the distance in one orbit, and the number of days in one trip around the sun (one planetary "year").

Another LibGuide on the Solar System

District 181
 Each planet is listed with helpful information about each planet. None of the Smithsonian links work.