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Learning Targets

Learning Targets

  • I can locate information in books, websites, and databases relevant to the assignment.


  •   I can take notes using my own words. I understand what plagiarism is and why it's important to use my own words.


  •   I can write an expository paper about the person I chose to research.


  •  I can organize my notes on my chart stating childhood facts, important life events,memories, influences, contributions and accomplishments.  I can chart important quotes, people in their life, communities they were involved in and other interesting facts.


  •   I can use Thinglink, Prezi ,Padlet, Linoit or another teacher approved presentation tool to organize my research information.

Inspiration Dinner Party Explanation and Rubric

MLA Template

How to Create a Prezi

CARS Web Site Reliability

C-Credibility: How reliable is the person creating the information? Can you trace to a reputable organization such as a university, a national organization, etc.? If it is written by an author, is there a first and last name, email contact, overview of credentials, etc.? In other words, is the source trustworthy?

A-Accuracy: Is the information current? Does it give specific details to support claims such as statistics and when they were taken? Does it avoid vague language such as always, never, sometimes, etc.? Does it provide well-rounded coverage of the topic?

R-Reasonable/Reliable: Is the information balanced? Is the language professional? Is it written objectively or does it appear slanted? Is it selling/promoting something that would be a clear conflict of interest? Does it overclaim without specific support (ex: Thousands of children live on the streets today)?

S-Support: Are sources listed, contact information, something to show where the information is coming from, a bibliography,etc.?