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6th Grade World Religions Project: Home

Research in Context

World Book Student


Web Sites for Religions

Directions to Create a Works Cited Page

How To Cite Sources using Easy Bib 

  1. Go to LibGuide – Religion Project
  2. Go to MLA Template
  3. Click on Easy Bib citation icon
  4. View bibliography
  5. Create citation
  6. Click on book
  7. Enter ISBN 
  8. Cite
  9. Continue
  10. Complete citation
  11. Copy/Paste to Works Cited page
  12. A pop-up may occur that states you have to watch a free video ad – yes
  13. If an ad is objectionable, close the video and come to me
  14. If this does not work, try the Citation Machine link to cite sources

Religion Project

Note Taking Sheet

Learning Targets

Learning Targets

  • I can locate information in books, websites and databases relevant to the assignment.
  •  I can take notes using my own words. I understand what plagiarism is and why it's important to use my own words.
  • I can organize my notes on my chart stating the beliefs of all five main religions and important events in history that have impacted each religion. I can chart important holidays, rituals, and celebrations and special dates for all five religions.
  • I can create a PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation to inform other members of my class about my chosen religion.

An Effective Presentation

Always keep constant eye contact with the audience.

Never have hands in pockets or fidgeting.

Stand with feet shoulder – width apart.

Speak slowly and clearly with crisp diction so that all   may here what is being said.

Bullet Points are more effective than large blocks of text.

When using a visual aid, students should remember that their connection is with the audience.

Students, when working in groups, should have it assigned ahead of time who will speak when.

Students should look at the audience or speaker as opposed to the slide that is being discussed.

Confidence is key!


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