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Argument Paper: Home

Learning Targets

 I can locate information using the database SIRS relevant to the assignment.

 I can include a lead that introduces the topic or issue and captures my readers’ interest.

I can include a clear thesis or claim statement that expresses my opinion.

 I can identify evidence that supports my claim statement.

I can organize my notes to write an outline to support my claim statement.

I can include responses to readers’ concerns and counter-arguments.

 I can cite evidence that is logically organized so that it supports my opinion.

 I can write an argument paper to support my conclusion.


SIRS Researcher


Home Passwords


Argument Paper

  1. You need to find at least two articles (one in support of your claim and one counterargument).
  2. After you have found the articles that you will use for your project, you must print the article. Also, email the articles to your school email account so that they can be easily accessed.
  3. Copy and paste the MLA citation from the bottom of the page on the SIRS article.
  4. For in-text citations refer to the handout.

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Works Cited Example

8th Grade MLA Template