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Mrs. Bowlin

Kristan Bowlin
(913) 624-2011


About Mrs. Bowlin:

Mrs. Bowlin is celebrating her sixth year at BVSW.  She was previously a high school Spanish teacher for six years and a Youth Services Assistant for one year at the public library in her hometown of Springfield, MO. Mrs. Bowlin's favorite thing about working in the SW library is that she gets to meet and work with all of the students here at SW. She is proud that the library provides a safe space for all and that students and staff can come in, hang out, and maybe find a book to read in the process!  When not at school, Mrs. Bowlin loves spending time with her family and partaking in one of her hobbies, which include reading (especially fantasy or a good rom-com), playing games, walking the trails, traveling, binge-watching true crime TV shows/documentaries, being a huge Harry Potter geek, and an even bigger Taylor Swift fan.


Mr. Hume

Bill Hume
(913) 624-2011


About Mr. Hume:

Mr. Hume is thrilled to be starting his first year at Blue Valley Southwest H.S. after spending the last five years at Blue Valley M.S. Prior to that, Mr. Hume spent 29 years as a science teacher and librarian in MO in the Blue Springs and Lee's Summit School districts.  One of Mr. Hume's favorite things about being a librarian is getting to work with all of the students and staff members and being able to help with projects in all curricular areas.  It is important to him to create an atmosphere in the library that is welcoming to all students, staff and administrators.  He also thrives in helping students achieve the greatest success they can at BVSW and beyond.

When not in school, Mr. Hume enjoys traveling, hiking, good films, supporting the local athletic teams, spending time with his family and of course, reading! While he especially enjoys historical fiction, he will read and find the value in all genres.  Come by the library and tell him your favorites!

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