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Research assignment Spring 2013

Project Requirements


  • 4-5 articles
  • 12-15 Note Cards


  • 10 slides with 2 comments per slide

Writing Prompt

We will be starting a research project in which you will choose a modern day American social issue that is of interest to you. You will make a connection between the social issue you choose and a theme from one of the longer pieces of literature we’ve read in CAIII this year.  I am providing you with a list of social issues you may want to explore.  You will be allowed to choose a social issue not on my list as long as you get my approval. 

While a segment of the presentation will focus upon essential background information, you must develop a central opinion that develops into a call for action.  This means that you will choose a side on this issue and attempt to persuade your audience to adopt your viewpoint. You will also make a suggestion to your audience as to what they can do to help promote the stance you’ve taken.

Turning in Project

1. While on the Create tab, choose Share.

2. Choose Get A Link.

3. Next choose Copy the Link.

4. Open your email and paste the link in the message.

5. Email the link to Mrs. Bolton:

Research Plan

Friday, April 5

  • Develop search terms
  • Advanced search tools
  • Begin researching

Mon., April 8

  • Locate 4-5 articles and annotate them

Tues., April 9

  • Begin note cards

Wednesday/Thursday, April 10 & 11

  • Work on 12-15 note cards
  • Due end of block

Friday, April 12

  • Voicethread construction

Tuesday, April 16

  • Voicethread construction