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Parasite Research: References Page


1.  Open a blank Word document.

2.  Title the page, References.

3.  Copy and paste all citations your databases.  Not use a database?  Use to cite your source.

5.  Arrange in alphabetical order by the first letter of the citation.

6.  Make sure the font is 12 point, Times New Roman.

7.  No funny Word Art or crazy pictures.  This page is SUPER boring!

8.  Put in your paper at the very end.

Creating a Hanging Indent

1.  Highlight your citations.

2.  Right-click on your citations.

3.  Choose Paragraph.

4.  Under Indentation, choose Hanging. (click image for a larger screen shot.)


5.  Click OK.

Alphabetize Citations

1.  Highlight your citations.

2.  In the top toolbar, click HOME.

3.  Choose A to Z Sort button.

Formatting APA Format

Citing Ebooks

Online Citation Creator