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Digital Literacy & The Research Process - KASL DI: Day 5 - MLA Works Cited

Digital Connection

Day 5 - Creating a Works Cited Page

1. Librarians will have students open their note card PowerPoint file.

2. Show students how the completed note cards will create an outline for them.

3. Students will open a blank Word document.

4. Students will be instructed to begin copying and pasting the citations from each of their note cards into the Word document.

5. Librarians will lead students through page setup, indents and alphabetization.

Creating a Hanging Indent

1.  Highlight your citations.

2.  Right-click on your citations.

3.  Choose Paragraph.

4.  Under Indentation, choose Hanging. (click image for a larger screen shot.)


5.  Click OK.

Learning Targets

I can:
  • organize and categorize information effectively from my sources.
  • create a works cited page in correct format.

Note cards to Outline

Digital Tool

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Word

Alphabetize Citations

1.  Highlight your citations.

2.  In the top toolbar, click HOME.

3.  Choose A to Z Sort button.*

*Note that citations that begin with " " will not be alphabetized.