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Library Report: Fall 2011

Great Things Happening!


The BVSW Library received the first BVEF grant awarded to BVSW High School. The grant will fund the "Roving Reference Librarian" project. The project will focus on database usage, instruction, and book selection through the use of iPads.


Ms. Hogan converted our previous web page to a LibGuide. This change has made our page more fluid and updates much easier to publish. The portal is very user-friendly and has generated 22,385 hits since September. Check out the new page here: BVSW Library


The majority of our lessons focus on but are not limited to:

  • research skills and finding valid resources.
  • notetaking, paraphrasing, quoting and summarizing information.
  • citing information correctly.

Teachers from numerous disciplines collaborated with the library, but the majority of collaboration occured with Communication Arts & Social Studies--32% and 39% respectively.

Featured LibGuides/Units (click on title to review LibGuide)

Huck Finn Synthesis (CA) - Students were given a writing prompt and had to locate and evaluate 6 sources that would later be used a part of their synthesis essay.

PSA Cycle (SCI) - Students were assigned different chemical cycles to research, then created videos to represent the cycle and their research.

History Day Research (SS) - AP Euro and APUSH students conducted research in relationship to the History Day Contest theme. They used the research to write a paper and annotated bibliography.

Spanish IV Photo Album (WL) - Students used a Prezi template to collect photos and create a visual representation of different Spanish-speaking countries.

Library Usage

# of Classes Collaborating with the Library

Fall 2010 - 389

Fall 2011 - 390

Student Usage

8,600 students have used the library outside of classes (before school, after school, passes, etc.)

102 average daily student use


Fall 2010 - 2,070 items

Fall 2011 - 3,288 items

*Increase of 1,218 items

Coming Up Spring 2012

Professional Development:

We will be conducting three after school technology sessions for the BVSW staff in February and March. The sessions will be SchoolCenter Advanced, Alternatives to PowerPoint, and Google Docs.

BVEF Grant:

We are anxiously awaiting the delivery of our grant iPads. Once delivered, we will begin using them to implement the goals outlined in our Roving Reference Librarian proposal.


  • Increase staff development opportunities.
  • Improve the marketing of the library collection.
  • Provide students opportunities to connect with global classrooms.


The Bolton/Hogan Advisory students getting to know each other through a game of Apples to Apples.