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Library Report: Fall 2013

The Numbers

Books Checked Out: 2173  

Total Class Visits: 404

Students Used Library Before/During/After School: 10,156

On average 314 students per day used the Library!


Breakdown by department of the 775 classes taught collaboratively with the Library:

English Language Arts - 34 %

Social Studies - 40%

Science - 4%

World Language - 6%

Health - 3%

Art - 6%

FACS - 0.5%

Career/Technology Education - 2.5%

ELA and Social Studies continue to be the areas we collaborate with most.



BVSW Library in Action

Video Creation

By providing the school with advanced video editing software and cameras, we have provided students and staff with the opportunity to capture what is happening in their classrooms and share it.

Some examples include:

·      Creating and editing videos of math classrooms to share with parents on Common Core night

·      Creating and editing music videos in Spanish

·      Creating and editing Public Service Announcements in Contemporary Issues

·      Creating and editing videos of the library to share with community to demonstrate the research process in our library

·      Creating and editing Super Bowl Commercials in Sports Marketing

Here are some examples of videos created using the new video editing software:

Goals for Next Year

Library goals for the 2013-2014 School Year: 

  • Increase book circulation and promotion
  • Develop assessment strategies for library lessons
  • Increase use of the Digital Editing space
  • Increase online/community presence

Database Usage

Databases continue to be one of the most valuable resources we have for students and staff. Culturegrams numbers are inaccurate due to technical issues. Measures are being taken to correct their reporting.

Other Professional Activities

BVEF Committee - Mrs. Bolton continues to serve on the BVEF Committee as the BVSW Representative. She led the Sunflower nomination committee in choosing one student and one teacher to represent BVSW.

New Timberwolf Night - Ms. Hogan and Mrs. Bolton presented at New Timberwolf Night in February. The presentation featured library resources to support student achievement.

AASL Presentation - Mrs. Bolton and Ms. Hogan's proposal to present at the National AASL Conference in November was accepted. Their presentation will focus on the use of digital tools to scaffold the research process.