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APUSH Political Cartoons: Home


Using Crocodocs:

1. Click on Crocodocs Folder.

2. Find your class and your group.

3. Click on the arrow next to download and change your name so you will get credit for your contributions.

3. You will work together to label:

  • Objects or people in the cartoon
  • Cartoon captions
  • 3 words or phrases used by the cartoonist
  • Objects that are symbols
  • Significant words or phrases in the cartoon
  • Adjectives that describe emotions 

Constitution Quiz

Getting to your Crocodoc folder

We will use Crocodocs to analyze our cartoons. The first one will be done in class and the second will be done outside of class. 

You can access the APUSH folder by clicking on this link: APUSH Crocodocs Folder


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