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Research Process: Step 3- Use of Information


Jjot is an on-line note taking tool.  This is a Web 2.0 tool, so you can access your notes from any computer through this website. 

David Warlick's Digital Notecards

This on-line tool was designed to help compile and evaluate information fron internet resources.

Note Taking

How do I even take notes?

Read - Reading is one of the most crucial steps in note-taking. Finding the correct source and reading the details included will save time and you will have a better base knowledge of the subject and essential question.

Organize - Note what source your information came from in the beginning of your note-taking process.  Include the page number, title, author, web page address, and other information that will help you locate the source later to cite in the paper.

Clear - Make your notes clear by writing notes only on one area of your question.  Do not answer all your related questions on one note card. From one note card, include information from one source only. 

Know what you are writing - Understand the notes you take and use your own words.  If you copy and paste the information, you must include quotations marks.  

Note-Taking Document