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Zuckerman Shakespeare: Notetaking

Note-Taking Document


1. Read the passage carefully and make sure you understand what it is trying to say.

2. Without looking at the passage, put the information into your own words.

3. Make sure the paraphrase has no quotation marks, but you still include the author's last name in parentheses.

A few tips:

  • Change order of ideas
  • Look for synonyms to replace some words
  • Don't change every key word or phrase

Print Note Cards in Powerpoint

1.  Go to File (top toolbar).  Click Print.

2.  Look for where it states, Print Full Page Slides.  Click on the arrow beside that and choose 6 slides per page.

3.  Print.

Incorporating Research

Intro paraphrasing for English 9 " href="">Copy of Paraphrasing 101 on Prezi

Overview of a Note Card

Saving Note Cards

Save your note cards to Mrs. Bolton's folder on the Resources drive.

In your Powerpoint, go to SAVE AS.

Locate the Resources drive (R:).

(To find the Resources drive - click Computer located on the left side of the save as box.)

Click Teachers.

Look for Bolton.

In her folder, choose Zuckerman.

Then locate your hour.  

Name your note card file by your last name.

Click Save.


If you finish at home and want to turn them in by email, please email Mrs. Bolton at