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**Make sure you are using Chrome for your browser**

1.  Read through all of these directions carefully before beginning.

2.  Go to Supertracker

3.  Change the date in the top left corner

4.  Begin entering your foods for the day

  • type in a food (apple, pop tart, etc.)
  • you will then be given specific options (raw, steamed, McDonalds, etc.)
  • before entering the food into the specific meal, make sure to choose a serving size
  • choose a meal time and hit +Add

5.  Select "Print Page" from the top of this webpage 

6.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the big blue PRINT button (select LMC 4014, print on both sides) 

7.  Gather your paper from the printer (remember there will be no names, so make sure to only print once and follow it to the printer)

8.  Begin again for Day 2 and Day 3