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CSPAN Winslow: Jaycut

How to turn in your video

Part I

Once your video is ready to turn in to Mr. Winslow - 

1.  Click Publish/Download (located in the bottom right corner of screen in JayCut).

2.  Click ON THE WEB and click Next.

3.  Click EXPORT TO JAYCUT and Next.

4.  Edit the title and description.  Only include your first names and hour.  Do not include your last name.

5.  Click Publish Movie.

Part II

Now you must grab the web page address of your video and send Mr. Winslow an email.

1.  In JayCut, click My JayCut (top of JayCut screen).

2.  You should see your video on the page.

3.  Click on the video.  Click Play.

4.  A new window will appear with your video.  Copy the url (web page address at the top of the video page).

5.  Paste the web page address into an email and send to Mr. Winslow.  Make sure you are using your school email.  Include your name and hour.

If your video doesn't work in Jaycut


1.  Adobe Premiere located on the library computers will allow you to cut down any size video.  

2.  Try downloading the other version of the video and see if it will upload.

3.  Choose another video from the list that will work with your topic.

Contact Mrs. Bolton or Mrs. Secrest for help.

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