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STDs: Book Cover

Required Items for Book Cover

  • Title
  • Subtitle
  • Summary of STD
  • Quality Sources cited in MLA format
  • Reflection
  • Your Name

How to Video Book Creator

Book Cover Step by Step

1.  Click on the link on the left to access the Book Cover Creator.

2.  Choose Full Dust Jacket.

3.  Choose Black Ink Printer

4.  Front Cover appears.  Choose the template, Title and Subtitle.  Type the information needed.

To continue your book cover, use the right toolbar provided on the screen to go to the next page of the book cover.

Spine - include the Title of the Book (your topic)

Back Cover - Grab your citations in MLA format and copy here.

Front Flap - Summary of your STD in your own words.  Must be at least 10 sentences.  

Back Flap - Include your name as the author of the book.  Provide a short reflection (1-2 sentences) about what you have learned.

Click Print.

Choose the correct printer!! LMC 4014

Once you print all the pages, you can begin to construct the book cover.  The library has supplies to help you.