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Claypool Life Cycles: Home

Project Instructions

1. Click on the link of the subject you are searching.

2. Read the article and write down the information you need about the life cycle.

3. Create a new PowerPoint. The ppt will include: a title slide, the pictures of each stage of the life cycle, a slide with a list of sources.

4. Using Creative Commons, find images of each stage of the life cycle.

5. Save each image in your My Pictures folder, and put the citation on the last slide of your ppt.

6. When the ppt is complete go to and create an account.

7. Load your ppt into mybrainshark.

8. Add audio to go with each slide explaining each stage.

9. Submit the final presentation for grading.

World Book

Picture Resources

Creative - Best one!  Search Flickr and other sites all at one time!


You can find images here for your presentation.

Your Librarians