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The Odyssey: Home

Assignment Files - Hurst 2/3

Information to include:

  1. What is this being a god/goddess of?
  2. Roman name
  3. Myth/story associated with this being?
  4. Connection (if any) between this person and The Odyssey
  5. Allusion in modern day


Day 1: Introduce assignment/libguide, select god/goddess, create NoodleTools project, discuss database research

Day 2: Database and website research

Day 3: Book research (should finish all research by day-end)

Day 4: in-text/parenthetical citations & introduce final presentation info

Day 5:  Work on presentation

Everything is due: May 1 @ 3pm

Useful Databases

Help with Parenthetical Citations

Find answers here:

Purdue OWL In-Text Citations


Citation assignment, due IN-CLASS 5/1

-Print Works Cited page

-For each entry, hand write the correct parenthetical/in-text citation next to it

-Put your name and hour on the top of the page

-submit to Mrs. Chopp