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Word Document

Market Economy

Command Economy

Traditional Economy

Thesis Statement

Upload & Use Google Docs

1.  ONE person in your group, download the above Word document, Economy Notes, to your folder.

2.  The same person now needs to click here to access your Student Email.

3.  Once in your Student Email, click Documents link (located at the top of the screen).

4.  Click UPLOAD button.  Go find the Economy Notes document in your folder.  Follow the directions to Start Upload.

5.  Once you upload the document, click on the link to open the document.

6.  In the top right hand corner of the document/screen, click on the SHARE button.

7.  Under Add Names, enter your group member(s) Blue Valley email addresses. 

8.  EVERYONE in your group go into their BV email account.  You should have an email for you to grab the document.  Now everyone in your group can add information.

Each person choose a color to represent their notes.

Finally, SHARE your document with Mrs. Bolton by adding the library gmail account  

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