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Imagine you're building a really cool Lego spaceship. You're proud of it because you worked hard to make it awesome. Now, what if someone came along and said they made it? That wouldn't be fair, right?

Citing sources is like giving credit for your Lego spaceship. When you write or create something using information from books, websites, or other people's ideas, you need to show where you got that information. It's not just about being fair to the people who did the work, but also about showing that you did your own work by finding and using reliable information.

Think of it this way: when you cite sources, you're showing respect for the hard work of others and proving that your ideas are based on reliable information. Plus, it helps your readers learn more about the topic if they want to explore it further. So, citing sources isn't just a rule, it's an important way to show honesty, respect, and credibility in your work.



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