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Genetic Disorders - AP Bio: Home

Assignment Guidelines


You will use NoodleTools to compile your sources for this project. This will help create your citations for your notes as well as format your Works Cited page that will be required on your presentation.

Remember: Databases allow you to directly export a source citation to NT. For websites, you have to create the citation; a URL is not a works cited entry!

If NT asks you to revalidate, speak to a librarian.

In-Text Citation Review


  • You will use at least four (4) sources for this project.
    • For the doctor/genetic counselor perspectives you must use database sources.
    • For the parents' perspective/community resources you may use websites.
  • Organizing your research:
    • You will take notes and organize your research using the notes page provided by Mrs. Clausen.
    • All of your research should be written in your own words. This ensures that you understand the information, especially since a lot of this will be scientific in nature. Not sure you understand what you're reading? Ask your teacher or a librarian!
    • On your notes page, you need to provide a citation to show from which source you obtained the information. There is a presentation on this libguide that reviews the basic rules of creating these, but talk to a librarian if you're struggling.

Exporting Works Cited

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