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Imagine stepping onto a giant stage, in front of presidents, celebrities, and millions of people watching around the world. That's exactly what Amanda Gorman did at just 22 years old! But she wasn't singing or dancing – she was reading poetry.

And not just any poetry – Amanda's words were powerful, hopeful, and filled with a message of unity and change. This is why she became the first-ever National Youth Poet Laureate of the United States, inspiring young people everywhere with her talent and passion.

In 2021, when she was invited to read a poem at the inauguration of President Joe Biden. Her poem, "The Hill We Climb", became an instant sensation, with its lines of hope and resilience echoing across the nation.

But Amanda's not just a poet – she's also an activist. She founded One Pen One Page, a non-profit organization that uses creative writing to fight illiteracy and inequality. She believes that everyone has a story to tell and that through the power of words, we can make the world a better place.

So, next time you feel discouraged or unheard, remember Amanda Gorman. Remember that even a young voice can make a big difference. And who knows, maybe you'll be the next poet to inspire millions with your words!

Who is Amanda Gorman?


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