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6th Grade Book Tasting: Home

Book Tasting Introduction

Imagine a giant buffet, but instead of pizza and fries, it's overflowing with awesome books! That's what a book tasting is like. It's a chance to try a bunch of different stories, like taking a bite of a mystery, dipping into a fantasy adventure, or nibbling on an old classic.

Here's the deal:

  1. You get to meet new books: They're lined up on tables, dressed up in their coolest covers, begging you to pick them up. It's like meeting a bunch of interesting new classmates, but they're made of words instead of smiles.
  2. You don't have to commit to the whole thing: Instead of reading a whole book before you decide if you like it, you get to sample a few pages, like appetizers. Maybe you'll find your new favorite food, er, book!
  3. You might discover something unexpected: Just like you might surprise yourself by loving that weird broccoli dish at the buffet, you might find yourself enjoying a genre you never thought you'd like. Who knows, you might become a sci-fi superfan or a history hero after one bite!

So, when you hear "book tasting," forget boring library stuff. Think of it as a book adventure, a treasure hunt for awesome stories, and a chance to hang out with other bookworms. It's gonna be epic!

Ready to dive in? Grab your curiosity and sense of adventure, and let's get tasting!



This is a "Blended Learning" activity meaning you can do a virtual tasting using your Chromebook or do a tasting with actual books.  Click on a genre and take a look at some of the books.  You must "taste" five books and complete the reflection form rating each book.  You can pick from different genres or stick with one!  You can also choose books to review from the shelves.  We don't care as long as you are looking at books!

If you are virtually tasting books, be sure to read the description and any information you find interesting.  You might just go down a rabbit hole looking at "tags", author information, or additional suggested books Access It gives you.  If you need help finding something, please ask!

If you are "tasting" books off of the tables, be sure to read the back of the book, the inside cover, and the first pages to get an idea of the book.  You can use the links to help gather information as well!  You can check out any book that you like!




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