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Graphic Novel Exploration - ELA9: Home

Guidelines / Activity

Guidelines for the book you choose: You may choose either a nonfiction OR fiction graphic novel. If you choose a fiction novel, it needs to be a realistic narrative (meaning, no superheroes, fantasy, science fiction, etc.), AND it must be approved by your teacher or a librarian. You do not have to focus on titles you looked at during our musical chairs activity, but hopefully one of those piqued your interest!


***You may not read Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds.***


You need a physical copy of your book in your hands for class on:

  • Monday, 1/22 for Mrs. Binger's classes
  • Tuesday, 1/23 for Mr. Dickinson's classes


Below are a list of resources to help you figure out what you might want to read. Here are two things to keep in mind while you are exploring:

  1. Not every title may be available through BVSW.
  2. Not every title may be suitable for this project. Make sure you understand the type of graphic novel you are to choose. Have questions? Ask your teacher or a librarian.

Please note: When we say "graphic novel," we are referring to a specific format in which the book is written. These books are told through pictures and words - think comic books, but with way more in-depth plot and characters.

Finding Your Book

If you choose, you may purchase your novel. However, that is NOT a requirement.

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