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Synthesis Essay - ELA 11: Home


How does this story represent the 1920s in America?  Consider culture and society.


Analyze the portrayal of wealth in the novel - the difference between "old money"  and "new money" as well as things that money can and cannot buy. What is Fitzgerald ultimately trying to say about money and materialism? How does money work as a way of fulfilling one’s life in the novel? 


What is the impact of perception concerning the individual? Discuss the idea of identity and how it is examined throughout the novel and poems we read in class.

Citing Sources - MLA Format

1.  Open Noodletools.

2.  Open your Project. (If you haven't created a Project, do so now. Click the green button, top right, New Project.)

3.  Sources tab.  Choose New Source and then click on the type of source you are citing. *If you are citing from a database, import the citation - super quick!

  • Podcast - Web Site> Web Page
  • YouTube - Website > Video Clip
  • Database Article > Import into Noodletools
  • Poems - Web Site> Web Page

4. Once all citations have been added, click the share icon .  Choose Print/Export to Google Docs.  

Noodletools will export the citations with the correct heading and spacing! Wohoooo!!


Additional Resources

Yellow Sheet of Paper - How to Cite

"section." The Roaring Twenties: Literary and Historical Context for The Great Gatsby. Class Set. 2020.

(Section is the bold item you are using from the handout.)



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