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MWH Annotated Bibliography: Home

Annotated Bibliography




Search for your sources using the databases below to find relevant and reliable research on your technology topics. 




  1. Select a technological change from the industrial revolution from the following list:

  • Spinning Jenny
  • Cotton Gin
  • Steam Engine
  • Bessemer Design
  • Telegraph
  • Light Bulb

  1. Select a modern day technological revolution/innovation. This can come from the list or from your own proposal as long as I approve your choice.

  • Self-Driving Cars
  • Metaverse
  • Cryptocurrency
  • AI
  • Drones

Database Passwords & Noodletools LInk






Getting Started

1.  Log into Noodletools.

2.  Click NEW PROJECT (top, left).

3.  Name your project. (Example - MWH - Annotated Bibliography) 

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