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Cookie Cutter: Home

Create a 3D Cookie Cutter

1 Create an account by clicking here.  Choose Sign In with Google.  Use your BV email and password.
1.                 By default, it will take you through a tutorial.  You can choose to follow the prompts. 
1 Click Create New Design.

Drag a shape to the workplace and adjust to your needs.  When clicking on the shape, a menu appears (right). Click the arrow to see dimensions (image 1).  You can also click on the item to see the handles (image 2). Or click the 

image 1

image 2

6 Check out the scribble tool in the Basic Shapes area.  Draw your cookie-cutter using this tool.
1   Make sure you have the correct dimensions before submitting your cookie cutter.
8 Once you are done, go to Export (top, right).  Choose STL file. (VERY IMPORTANT!). The folder will download to your Downloads folder.
9  Rename the file to your last name and first name (example: Munson_Becca_Cookie_Cutter.stl).
1 Submit your 3D still file to the library's form. 


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