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Amazing Race Middle Ages: Home

Task 1: Castles

Use the links to complete the Google Doc Grid, upload to Canvas, and then play the game.  

Castles Google Doc

1) How each method works-- Ways to attack

2) Click through this article to help fill out the rest of grid-- Best Castle to attack

3) Full knowledge of Castles-- Castle Video

Task 2: Feudal vs. Roman World

Use the evidence here to compare Feudalism to the Roman World. 

Using cards in the Task 2 folder, sort cards into Feudalism, Roman World, and Both.

Get checked by a teacher, take a picture of sorted cards and upload to Canvas under Task 2: Roman World vs. Feudal World.

Task 3: Famous People

People of the Middle Ages

Create a “Yelp Review” for the person you choose.  Use the internet to find out about your person.  BE CREATIVE on the Yelp Review page: you will have to take the information you find out and make it work for the categories it lists.  When you are done, upload to canvas for your teacher to grade. 

Choose from following:
King Richard the Lionheart,
William the Conqueror,
Joan of Arc,
Geoffrey Chaucer,
Vlad the Impaler
Edward the Black Prince
Leif Erickson
Erik the Red
Ivan l
Justinian I

Yelp Review Template

Task 4: Black Plague

The Black Plague:  Use the evidence here to examine theories about the Black Plague's spread throughout the world.  Complete the Google Doc and upload it to canvas for your teacher to grade.

Black Plague Google Doc

Task 5: Juggling

JUGGLING! This was a common form of entertainment in the middle ages! Court jesters would juggle to impress guests at feasts and events. 
YOU will learn to juggle!  Use the videos below to teach yourself how to juggle.  Then, take a video of yourself juggling.  You will upload your video to canvas so your teacher can see you juggle.


-3 seconds or more: you must juggle for at least 3 seconds (meaning the juggled items must be IN THE AIR for at least 3 seconds….can’t throw them once and let them fall and call it juggling). 

-3 items: you must juggle 3 items (1 or 2 in the air is NOT juggling)

-X pattern: you must use the X pattern as shown in the video called “Learn: Easy Scarf Juggling”

Begin:  How to Juggle 3 Balls

Task 6: Disgusting Jobs

Help Wanted

Create a HELP WANTED Ad using the provided template about what this job entails and get people to apply for the job.  Submit it on Canvas.

Select a job from the middle ages, research it, and creatively make the job desirable using the ad template:

Barber Surgeon
Cottar in Middle Ages
Ditcher in Middle Ages
Page in Middle Ages
Physician in Middle Ages or Plague Doctor in Middle Ages
Scullion in Middle Ages

Help Wanted Template


Task 7: Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms

Using Coat of Arms Explained document, create your own personalized coat of arms, like the ones families created in the Middle Ages. 

Write a paragraph explaining the symbols you chose. (Yes, 5 or more sentences is a paragraph. Also don't forget conventions are a thing you should consider for a solid grade).

Submit to Canvas under Task 7: Coat of Arms. If you created it on paper, you can take a pic, upload, and include explanation in the comment section.

Task 8: Daily Life Webquest

Daily Life Webquest

Use the links here to complete the Google Doc questions on many daily life topics from the middle ages and upload to Canvas. 

Task 9: Magna Carta

Magna Carta

Use the links below to help you complete the google doc.  Then you will create an original RAP or SONG about the Magna Carta. Upload BOTH the Google Doc AND the rap/song for your teacher to grade.

Magna Carta Google Doc

King John and the Magna Carta

Video of Magna Carta

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