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ELA Novels - Transitioning: Home

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ELA novels - process for ELA teachers to keep track of novels.


1.  Use the spreadsheet provided to keep track of books and students.  Teachers can import names by class or by grade level.  If imported by grade level,  if a student changes classes, the next teacher will see it. Directions for getting class lists from Synergy provided on this page.

2.  The spreadsheet contains a formula so if a student turns in a different novel and the bar code doesn't match, it will have an X.  If the student checks out a novel and does not return it, that column will also have an X.  This feature helps with sorting.

3. Bar code labels are generated in the building for new novels not barcoded.  Avery 5366 labels were used at BVWHS.  You will need the font Code 39 to create barcodes. See the box below for details.  


Class Lists from Synergy

Scan Books into Spreadsheet

Copy of Spreadsheet in Google Sheets

Create Barcodes (not library barcodes)

1. Download the Code 39 font - for barcodes.

2.  Use the Excel file to generate the barcodes.  Column one has the bar code numbers that you create. Column two has the formula to create the barcode  -  ="*"&A2&"*". (The next row has ="*"&A3&"*" - etc.).  Make sure Column 2 has the bar code font.

Sample Excel File (will need to download)

3.  Open Word to start a Mail Merge.  Choose the correct labels and then insert the fields.  Do several test runs to make sure it will print correctly.