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Community Service

Community service is an incredible benefit to both a student and their community. It is also often a factor in college admissions. A strong record of community service shows a college admissions specialist that a student has initiative, cares about the world around them and can be committed to a task. Make sure that you record your volunteer hours.

Community Service Opportunities

How Do I Find Community Service Opportunities?

There are plenty of opportunities for teenagers to volunteer in their communities. The important part is that you find an activity that correlates to your interests and skills and stick with it, rather than going from charity to charity, because colleges want to see that you really care about the cause and aren’t just padding your resume. Make sure you check the age restrictions before you sign up, because some organizations require volunteers to be 18+.


Community Service Ideas

  • Participate in a charity walk or run
  • Volunteer at a local nonprofit
  • Organize a clothing drive
  • Participate in a national giving or remembrance day
  • Ask for charitable donations instead of birthday or holiday gifts
  • Host a fundraising event and donate the money
  • Teach classes for a skill you have
  • Clean up your local park or playground
  • Plant trees, flowers, or other plants
  • Volunteer at your local library
  • Repair broken household items or appliances for neighbors
  • Write and send letters to soldiers and veterans
  • Adopt a stretch of highway and clean it regularly

Community Service Ideas to Help Homeless or Hungry People

  • Collect household items for a homeless family.
  • Volunteer with a charity like Habitat for Humanity.
  • Give grocery coupons to a local food bank.
  • Create care packages with essential items.
  • Donate toys and school supplies to a homeless shelter.

Community Service Video

Community Service - Admission to Top Colleges

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Community Service Clubs at Your School

There are several benefits to joining a community service-oriented club at your school. For starters, it allows you to be around like-minded peers and recruit others at your school to get involved. Plus, if you start a new club, you’re showing leadership.


1. Amnesty International: Start or join an existing chapter of this human rights organization at your school and fight against human rights abuses around the world.

2. Key Club: Develop leadership skills through this service-oriented club.

3. Students Against Destructive Decisions: Promote youth health and safety in your community and around the country.

4. Operation Smile: Raise money and build awareness for children with cleft palates and cleft lips around the world.

5. Special Olympics: Help people with disabilities participate in sporting events.

6. Habitat for Humanity: Organize a group to help build homes for people in need. (NB: Participants must be 16+ and have parental permission if they are under 18.)

7. Sustainability or environmental awareness club: Educate others at your school and in your community about the importance of sustainability, and host green-conscious events.

8. Tutoring club: Organize a group of students to tutor peers or other children in your community.

9. General volunteering club: Mobilize classmates to get involved with different organizations and causes. You might volunteer at soup kitchens and hospitals, for instance.