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Sport Sociology: Home

The links provide access to articles from many different viewpoints.  Please use these articles to get started on your research.  Once you feel comfortable, start searching in the databases for more articles to help you with the presentation. 

If you are accessing these from home, you will need database passwords.  Click on the Password button below or check your class Canvas page for the passwords. 

"another fun dog" by cutglassdecanter is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Presentation Requirements:

2. Create a 1-2 slide presentation in the shared Google Slide presentation discussing:

a. Topic

b. Explanation of issues

c. How sociology explains the issue, which are at play: symbolic interactionism, functionalism, conflict and/or gender 

d. Various and/or competing proposals, beliefs, etc.

e. Your thoughts, questions, opinions





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