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Industrial Revolution: 2. Nobility

Modern World History

Day 4 - Creative Product

Create a family history poster for your noble family.  This poster must include the following:

  1. your noble coat of arms
  2. a family motto (in Latin)
  3. a photo of an English country estate describing the various elements of the estate OR a photo of a family heirloom that has passed through the three generations of your family and a description of the significance of it over time
  4. a timeline of your family, including the three original roles you created

**Each group member will submit the final product to Canvas!**

Day 1 → 1750-1800

Life is good for a peer of the realm like yourself. You live in a large manor house in the English countryside, doted on by docile servants. You own vast acres of land, on which humble tenant farmers live, work and pay rent to you. You live primarily off the wealth you acquire from these rents, and use it to maintain your lavish lifestyle of hunting, riding, and hosting elaborate dinner parties and dances.

Nobility key terms:

-Agricultural Revolution

-seed drill

-crop rotation

Day 2 → 1800-1850

Society has changed somewhat in the past 50 years. It’s still good to be a noble, but you have lost out on some rents and labor as your tenant farmers move to the cities looking for work. You need to find a way to recoup your financial losses, perhaps by investing in a nearby coal mine or canal-building. Such mercantile activities were considered beneath the dignity of a noble in previous centuries, but now it becomes a necessity.

Nobility key terms:

-Pocket boroughs

-House of Lords

-Reform Act of 1832

Day 3 → 1850-1900

Being a member of the nobility isn’t what it used to be. Now, upstart merchants, businessmen, and factory owners are able to use their wealth to buy titles of nobility from the king, rendering the nobility somewhat politically powerless. The old members of the nobility, in turn, start to intermarry with the growing bourgeoisie class, and the line between nobility and commoner begins to fade away.

Nouveau riche key terms:



-Victorian middle class values

Day 4 - Programs to use

Blue Valley Library Media | Blue Valley School District #229 | Overland Park, KS 66223