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Medical Conditions - Bio Final: Research

Research Questions

List A Questions (all of these must be answered - each with its own notecard)

  1. What is happening to the body?  (what organs are impacted? What cells are impacted)
  2. Is this life-threatening?  What is the prognosis?
  3. Is this contagious?
  4. Are there any treatment options?
  5. What is an appropriate diet? (Why is that diet appropriate?)

List B Questions (3 of these must be answered - each with its own notecard)

  1. How will this make the person feel?
  2. How does this impact mitosis?
  3. Is this a genetic disorder?
  4. How might your loved one have contracted this medical condition?
  5. Does pollution or the environment impact?
  6. How does this impact our body’s ability to produce energy?
  7. Why is Covid-19 particularly dangerous for someone with this condition?  
  8. Any other things your friend/family should know?



  • use at least two sources
    • research from databases and pre-selected websites
  • enter bibliographic information into the SOURCES section
  • create 8 total notecards for this project
    • answer all 5 of the list A questions and 3 of the list B questions (5+3=8)
    • one question per notecard
  • follow example formatting on notecards

Database Access

Suggested Databases