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8th Grade - Alternative Energy Research: Home

Research Tips

1. Use "quotes" when using phrases. For example, "alternative energy" or "clean energy". 

2. Use Multiple Sources to prevent bias. Get as many perspectives as you can to research the whole picture!

3. Lateral Research - use one source to find key terms to research to go deeper in your research. Use cntrl - F to see if you topic is even on the page!

4. Add "for kids" or education to your search for information that is easy to understand. 

5. Record all information as you research! Use to record your citations. 

Citing Sources

Directions: Use MYBIB to record your research

1. Go to . 

2. Click "Create a Free Account" and login with Google. 

3. On the left, click +new project to create a project for this assignment. 

4. Click +citation and choose the type of citation. Voila! 

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