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Sociology - Socialization: Home

Topic Ideas

 Socialization by Gender 

  • Differences, Similarities, and the impact 

 Socialization by Subculture 

  • Racial, Ethnic, Religious Groups, Dominant Groups

 Socialization by Nation

  • Example: Japanese vs. American teen expectations
  • or develop your own comparison


  • Compare influences of family and religion vs. school and media
  • or develop your own comparison 

 Nature vs. Nurture 


  • Select a subculture in the US or abroad to study and write and explanatory research paper. 


  • Select a foreign nation (including Native American Tribes) to study and write a paper about
  1. Society: select a foreign nation (including Native American tribes) to study and write a paper about (no sub-culture of US)

Databases - Evidence Found Here



  1. MLA Format
  2. ____ Citations 
  3. Works Cited Page
  4. No more than 2 pages
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