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Helpful Databases


At home and need access? The password for the password is "password".


Your Task:

Q: How can I use a piece to prompt a project?

Library Teacher, Mrs. Lasswell, will assist us as we look at our assigned portraits and begin to consider what direction we may want to move next. 

You will have class time to review and analyze your portrait before answering these question and selecting a research focus.

  • What was the purpose of the art, and what inspires you? (Find your purpose)
  • What is the relevance of the piece in the world and in your life? 
  • Does this have different ways to view it?
  • Is there any personal impact?
    • Consider provoked emotions or future actions.
  • Create a web of thinking. Let your mind run.
  • What are real life connections you can make with your art or this experience? 

After selecting your research focus, you will begin to use the available resources to create a short research report stemming from your portrait.


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