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Argumentative Research HELA9 - Hurst: Home


Choose a topic of interest to research and write an argumentative paper.  You must use of two sources; these can be from a database or website.

You will compile your sources into NoodleTools and export your Works Cited as the final page of your paper.

Library Work Days:

Day 1, Tuesday, 3/3:  Explore possible topics and formulate research question

Day 2, Wednesday, 3/4: Create NoodleTools project; talk about credible websites; adding website sources to NoodleTools; begin research; database poll

Day 3-5, Friday, 3/6-Tuesday, 3/10:  Continue research; export Works Cited

Citing Sources

Paraphrasing Review

Database Resources

Website Research

**When entering a website into Noodletools, each field must be entered manually.  Include AS MUCH information as possible...omitted information is like a wrong entry.