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Assignment Files

Turning in Your PowerPoint

Save your finished PowerPoint in Mrs. Dunn's folder AND your student folder.

To submit to Mrs. Dunn's folder:

Go to File>Save As

Select Computer from the left sidebar

Go to the Resources Drive

Find Mrs. Dunn's folder 

Go to Inbox and find your hour

Click Save!

Research Databases

Use the following databases to find your research articles. Be sure to record the Document URL and MLA citation for each article.

Science in Context



Research databases
Limit Your Results

SIRS Researcher

Image Links


Use the following links to find images to use. You may also take your own photos and use them.

Creative Commons Great search engine to search Flickr, Google Images, and more for images you can use.

Photo Pin Easy search system, lots of interesting images.

FlickRiver Searches Flickr for images. Easy browsing system.

Wikipedia List of Public Domain Sources Links to a lot of GREAT collections of images you are free to use. Lots of subject specific collections.

American Memory Project Place to find historical images to use.