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Family Tree: Home


Your assignment is to create a family tree using your own family, or famous people as your family.  You will need at least one group picture and four smaller photos of 1-3 individuals.  You will be putting these photos into a word document or power point in the library along with text.


You will turn this into Lindberg/Camacho's folder on the Resource Drive.  

*Remember, if you don't submit it, it's like it doesn't exist!

Image Links


Use the following links to find images to use. You may also take your own photos and use them.

Photos for Class  Search for copyright free images AND it cites it for you.

Creative Commons Great search engine to search Flickr, Google Images, and more for images you can use.

NYPL Digital Images - free (somewhat historical) images that have been digitized from the New York Public Library

Photo Pin Easy search system, lots of interesting images.

FlickRiver Searches Flickr for images. Easy browsing system.

Wikipedia List of Public Domain Sources Links to a lot of GREAT collections of images you are free to use. Lots of subject specific collections.

American Memory Project Place to find historical images to use.