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Nuestra Casa: Home

Directions (from rubric)

You are finally able to build that dream house or apartment by the beach in Barcelona, Spain and you are sharing what it will look like to your family and friends in the States. First, choose the floor plan you like best. Then, using Thinglink, add a “button” to each room and include the following information:

-Identify each room. Include furnishings and describe the room with rich details.

-‚ÄčInclude at least one chore in each room that a family member will have to help you with if he/she/they would like to stay there. No one gets a free ride. You’ve worked hard to buy your dream home! J State specifically the person with each chore. 

-Be creative! Remember the same chores will not be completed in every room.


Floor Plan Options

Look through the pictures below, and choose one floor plan that you'd like to use for your project:

Por Ejemplo



Guía de accentos

alt + números


130      é                163      ú

160      á                164      ñ

161      í                 173      ¡

162      ó                168      ¿