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Discrimination Interview and Report

For this project, you will interview students and an adult who have been discriminated against due to their race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability, dress, appearance, educational level, age, class, job, political views, weight, health issues, grade level, intelligence, etc. 

Then, based on the four interviews you conduct as well as your own experiences, you will write a 2 page paper that synthesizes what you learned. This essay is due on SEPTEMBER 23, 2016.

Paper Set-up

Paragraph #1: Based on your interviews and your own experience(s), define discrimination and give examples of how people have been discriminated against.

Paragraph #2: What were some common feelings shared by those who had been discriminated against? How does discrimination affect these people on a daily basis?

Paragraph #3: What did they want people to know about them?
Paragraph #4: What were the root causes of discrimination? What advice did these people have for others? Paragraph #5: What do you think are the dangers of continued discrimination to individuals or groups of

Paragraph #6: What scientific evidence is available to support what you have learned? (At least 2 sources) 

Assignment Files