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Water Issues: Home


Monday, March 28--Introduce assignment and topics

Tuesday, March 29--Begin research with source 1.

Wednesday, March 30--Continue research with sources1 & 2.

Thursday, March 31--Continue research with sources 2 & 3.

Friday, April 1--Complete research and turn in Works Cited.

Monday, April 4--Begin Infographic

Tuesday, April 5--Continue Infographic

Wednesday, April 6--Complete Infographic and compare & contrast water issues in different areas.

What is water?

Learning Targets

1.  I can locate accurate information related to the water crisis.

2.  I can take paraphrase key fact in my notes.

3.  I can cite websites in Noodle Tools.

4.  I can identify facts, statistics, and examples about the water crisis in a specific state..

5.  I can synthesize my notes and create an infographic to show my findings.