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Middle Ages: Home

Task 1: Castles

Use the links to complete the worksheet and then play the game.  

Ways to attack

Best Castle to attack

Game (Game link is not working.  When task is complete, check with a teacher.

Task 2: Feudal vs. Roman World

Task 3: Famous People

People of the Middle Ages

Famous Medieval People

Choose from these people:  King Richard the Lionheart, William the Conqueror, Charlemagne, Joan of Arc, Geoffrey Chaucer, Vlad the Impaler

Create a “Facebook Profile”  for the person you chose.  Each group member should focus on a different person.


Middle Ages

Bonus Task 1

Bonus Task 2: Career

Bonus Task 3

Task 4: Black Plague

Exhibit H


Use your packet to find information to login and watch the video.

Task 8: Webquest

Task 9: Magna Carta

Task 10: Breakout