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Friday, 9/4--Show video of theft.  Introduce Plagiarism & Copyright infringement, vocabulary, Watch the History of Copyright Video and show Prezi. Quizlet.

Tuesday, 9/8--Review vocabulary with Kahoot. Watch Creative Commons video.  Use Creative commons to locate and cite images with CC license.

Wednesday, 9/9--Copyright Law, Public Domain, Fair Use

Thursday, 9/10 & Friday, 9/11--Research examples of copyright infringement and create presentation based on rubric.



Looking for Pictures

Use the links below to locate pictures with permission to reuse.

Cite every image in Noodle Tools.

Creative Commons Provides images from a variety of resources.  Great resource! Creative Commons Tutorial

FlickrCC  Flickr Creative Commons--NOT FlickrCC Tutorial

Photo Pin

Pics 4 Learning 

Library of Congress  Photographs of historical events

Morgue File

Google Images (Advanced Search--free to use or share only.) Google Images Tutorial