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Teen Advisory Group--Book Club

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Canvas TAG Group-Discussions

Read and review each title.  Write your review on the Canvas TAG discussion board.  Your review isn’t a summary. Write a short blurb about what you liked, didn’t like, and whether the book should be a T12.  Include a star rating out of 5.


TAG Books at JOCO Library

Sign-up for Reminders of meetings @ voting!

7th Gr. code:  f87kf

8th Gr. code: f28ecg


Be sure you have the Axis360 app downloaded on your device.

1. Select Oxford Middle School Library as your choice library.

2. Log in with your school student id number (library/lunch number)

3. Your password is oms

4. Ask the library staff for assistance with the app.

Tip:  Be on wifi when downloading any digital book or audiobook


Meeting Dates

7th Gr. 8th Gr.
8/30/18 8/30/18
10/23/18 10/10/18
11/15/18 11/8/18
12/4/18 12/4/18
1/15/19 1/23/19
2/21/19 3/6/19
3/28/19 3/28/19
4/24/19 4/16/19